1.  "My husband also used the Total cure herbal foundation COPD herbal supplement,   2 times daily for 6 weeks.  the treatments are incredible and we have told so many people about it" 
    O'Brien Miller, Ky, USA.


  2. I also used the HSV-2 herbal remedy, i did another test  and my doctor could not believe it, i have been cured, thank you. 
    Cunningham Williams, England.


  3. I have suffered from Scoliosis since i was a child, was diagnosed of this when i did my medical examination in my high school and since then i have suffered it with pains my curves was beyond 50 degrees to 60 degrees so i was suggested to go for a surgery. But we could not afford it,  i started on total cure herbal formula for scoliosis in August, the herbs worked miraculously! my spine are perfect now, my posture is a lot better." 
    Adams Oliver, New Zealand.


  4. Dear total cure herbal foundation I spoke with you several years back regarding a friend diagnosed with liver cancer. You told me to tell her not to panic and buy into the Western allopathic hype. I am happy to say she is fine to this day. They tell her the chemo did wonders. She never had chemo, only your advice and supplements, the largest of which was Herb Tea herbs.
    Dickson Albert, UK.


  5. your Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) herbal supplement is nothing less than a miracle, i am fully back on my feet again and strong!"
    Samantha Smith,
    NJ, USA


  6. “Amazing low prices. Seriously. You’re not gonna find another herbs doctor whose medication are as this cheap and with such a great selection that will save you this kind of money. Definitely coming back.”
    Александр Борис,


  7. I used the DR. BUDE HERBAL MEDICINE for HERPES for a total time period of 2 weeks,it totally reversed my herpes virus. I had a total decline of all symptoms including the cold sores.
    Jane Townsend, New Mexico


  8. I was suffering from Parkinson's  since 7 years & life had become disastrous for me.75 % of my body was covered by Tremors. After taking herb at Total cure herbal foundation under supervision of Dr. Bude I started getting results within 3 weeks .Treatment went very well and tremors are gone.
    God bless.
    Kate Bernard,
    Ny, USA


  9. My wife and I started herbal meds  about 1 months ago and have been delighted with the results so far. We are both in our early fifties and have always been fairly healthy and active. So far the results are: 
    Much lower incidence of snoring
        Improved liver function (I know because alcohol affects me less now)
        Better sleep quality
        Much improved sexual function
        Improved muscle tone
        Improved posture
        Rarely get sick
    and the most incredible of all - we have both grown over 1cm. How do I know? By coincidence we measured our heights a month before starting health herbal and decided to measure our heights just recently and discovered we had grown! This probably indicates spinal disc regeneration.
    Any one who does not use this natural herb is an absolute fool considering it's cheap. I tell friends and acquaintances about its benefits but I mostly get strange stares like I'm mad because some people in the USA here do not know much of herbs and it medicines. I know who the mad ones are! Thanks for putting this information out there, it's a life-changer!
    William Roy Taylor,
    Washington DC, USA


  10. How do i pay? please get back to me it very urgent.
    McCoul Jeremy, Az USA.


  11. Thanks papa bude, i'm very grateful for the medication, i have been tested and confirmed again to be free from my genital herpes. Am going to tell the world about your goodness Sir.
    Amhed Hassan,
    Dubai UAE.


  12. "I was about to pay $9,000 USD for a stem cell therapy in Arizona because I just wanted this nightmare to be over. Before i did, my wife's sister told me to try with doctor Bude COPD/Emphysema herbal formula, that day I went home and ordered the herbal formula. The herbal doctor were amazing, first of all , he answered all my questions and concerns (because i have never ordered anything online). When I was satisfied I placed the order. The package showed up quickly and my recovery started.  I was BLOWN AWAY by how effective the herbal formula was. Simply blown away!. Do yourself a favor and trust this product. It worked for me, it's worked for others, it could very well work for you.. my breath is back!"
    Anabel Liam,


  13. "My Parkinson's disease symptoms have declined over a 4 week period of the Parkinson's disease(PD) herbal formula usage. I have my fingers crossed that all symptoms will go away. The last symptom, an occasional tremor in my lower jaw at bedtime is almost gone. I am 69 and also do walking on a treadmill at 2 mph for 40 minutes every 2nd day"
    Jessie Robin, UK.


  14. "Twenty years ago while living in LA at sea level a lung specialist told me ” you have the worst scarred lungs I have seen in my 17 years of practice. I since retired and moved up here to Jackson WY elevation 6,200 feet I experienced shortness of breath and dry cough till i started on your Pulmonary fibrosis herbal formula, It has really helped me become more relaxed, breathe better, easier and more from my diaphragm, just as you said it would. Many thanks for this great product"
    Anderson Juan, Spain.


  15. After 37 years of smoking and been diagnosed with COPD i am happy to tell you i am no longer having shortage of breath and the ailment has been long gone thank you total cure herbal foundation you guys are wonderful.
    Missy Davidson, New Hampshire.


  16. Seriously Costa? i want to give a try thanks anyway because i'm also diagnosed of Herpes,but i live in Australia.
    Frankie, Australia.


  17. When i first started on the total cure herbal foundation ALS/MND treatment, I was completely immobile due to my long term ALS condition. I was taking high doses of prednisone and anti-inflammatory medicines, which caused many bad side effects. After i started on your ALS herbal therapy, my condition greatly improved. Its been 13 months since treatment, i can never be thankful enough"
    O'Connor Davis, Ky, USA.


  18. My husband completed the recommended MSA treatment plan last week, he is doing a lot better. There has been a total reduction of symptoms, improved coordination,am really happy we made a good decision by using this herbal remedies. 
    Madison Jones, Los Angeles, USA.




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