Dr. Oranitu Bude is an African. born in 1970, his Father was a Great Herbalist also, he inherited it from his father, he has been doing the work since his Teenage age, His father Died in the year 1991, He started from where his Father stopped, Before the death of His father, he was able to cure the following types of Diseases below:

Dr. Bude African herbs home is a Herbal & Metaphysical online consultation and help home, in West Africa! We carry a large variety of dried herbs and teas and a great selection of metaphysical gifts and accessories. Whether you have dabbled in the world of herbs or are simply looking for a unique spiritual gift for someone, you are sure to find it here! We also offer a variety of private healing sessions. Best extraction processes to ensure the benefits of the herbs remain intact.

 With our 27 years experience we have recorded a very high success rate in all our herbal cure herbs and medicines, we abides and acts upon the principles and provides right treatment for universal diseases through herbal treatment as oils, bottled herbs, herbal creams and dried herbs.

 we cure all kinds of STD's , STI,Cancer,COPD,Herpes,hepatitis b,genital warts diabetes,Als,Asthma etc, have cured so many people around the world with the herbal medicine, herbal medicine takes within 2 to 3 weeks to cure any deadly diseases.

Our herbal medicines and other solution herbs manufactured by Dr. O. Bude are being shipped out from Niger and exported worldwide to

    Ukraine & Russia Federation.
    New Zealand and Australia.
    CIS Countries.
    USA and Northern Americans.
    South American Countries.
    Europian Countries.
    African Countries.
    Latvian Countries.
    UAE & GCC Countries.




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